The Thomas Paine Society in the UK announces Paine Symposium

The Thomas Paine Society of the UK June 11 at the Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1. Symposium Programme 9.30: Welcome and Introduction to the Symposium by the Society’s Chairman Bill Speck: “Tom Paine and the State“. 10.00: Professor Jonathan Clark, University of Kansas: “Interpreting Thomas Paine“. 11.00: Professor Steve Poole, University […]

Paine’s Antislavery Legacy by Mariam Touba

Paine’s Antislavery Legacy:  Some Additional Considerations Slipped into the newspaper in 1827 was an “Anecdote of Thomas Paine.” As such stories go, it was far from the worst, but it was meant to be denigrating.  A visitor stops in to see the elderly Paine while he is denouncing the Bible among his cohorts and interrupts […]