Newly Attributed and De-Attributed Works of Thomas Paine

In our continuing effort to make Thomas Paine’s life, works, and influence available to all, we have added a new feature to the website: newly attributed works and de-attributed works of Thomas Paine.

TPNHA has taken the lead in the development of methods, and the research involved, in analyzing the works of Paine. In the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies at Iona College, we are in the process of publishing findings about this work. As these findings grow, the results of the work will be available here on this site. Go to the Writings section, and you will see new headings on that page. We will be posting other results as we complete analysis of new pieces not yet contained in Paine collections, as well as writings which should be de-attributed from the Paine corpus.

A preliminary summary of our methodology can be found in Petrovic S., G. Berton, R. Schiaffino, L. Ivanov, Authorship Attribution of Thomas Paine Works, Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Mining DMIN’14 (ISBN #: 1-60132-267-4, pp. 182-188), 2014

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