“Great Books Written In Prison” book signing to celebrate Thomas Paine Day

The Thomas Paine National Historic Association is delighted to be hosting a book signing for the new book, Great Books Written in Prison: Essays on Classic Works from Plato to Martin Luther King, Jr., a collection of essays edited by J. Ward Regan, on influential works written by authors in prison or exile.

Contributing authors:

J. Ward Regan speaking on Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason

Peter Diamond on Henry David Thoreau’s Resistance to Civil Government

Phil Washburn on Bertrand Russell’s Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

Original music performed by guitarist James Kluch, words by Thomas Paine.

Come join us:

Sunday June 7th, 1:00PM

Thomas Paine Memorial Building,

983 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY,

There is no charge for admission; books will be available for purchase.

We will also be organizing the newly formed Thomas Paine Readers Club.



Many of the world’s most important historical figures were imprisoned for holding unpopular or heretical beliefs. Some used their time behind bars to write books that shaped the course of history. This collection of new essays offers a wide-ranging examination of influential works written—in whole or in part—while their authors were in prison or exile.

Each chapter explores a different text and contains a brief biography and summary of the circumstances surrounding the author’s imprisonment, along with a critical examination of the book and its legacy. Authors covered include Plato, Thomas Paine, Gandhi, Thoreau, Bertrand Russell, Hitler and Martin Luther King, Jr.