Press release: Officers and Board are seated on Paine’s Birthday


Thomas Paine National Historical Association Board Meeting Announces New Officers,

Expanded Board

New Rochelle, NY – February 10, 2016 – The Thomas Paine National Historical Association (TPNHA), has announced an expanded Board of Directors and new officers, both decided upon at its annual Directors meeting held on January 29th, Thomas Paine’s birthday.

Secretary Gary Berton, the long-time driving force of the Association, announced the results, and cited the great progress made over the last few years: “I’m perhaps most proud of our establishment of the Institute of Thomas Paine Studies at Iona College, where the study of Thomas Paine’s life and political writings helps introduce a new generation of scholars to his ideas.” Incoming President Matthew Jacobs thanked the board for the opportunity to head the Association, noting “It’s humbling to take charge of the legacy of Paine’s memory. He was an extraordinary historical figure, and a man of great conviction and honor. He always stood up for his ideas and principles, even in the face of great personal harm. Together we will continue to further the studies of Paine, and to sustain the legacy of this great man.”

Founded in 1884, TPNHA is America’s oldest society dedicated to keeping alive the ideas, memory and spirit of founding father Thomas Paine (1737-1809). The celebrated author of Common Sense, Rights of Man, and other famous works played an active role in both the American and French Revolutions, and has been an inspiring figure to patriots and lovers of liberty for generations.

Learn more about Thomas Paine and the TPNHA at our website, The Thomas Paine National Historical Memorial Building is located at 983 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY.