Bertrand Russell’s Message on receiving I.F. Stone’s ECLC Tom Paine Award, 1962

This is the memorable message sent by Lord Russell, the world’s greatest living philosopher, to the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee in New York Dec. 15 on the presentation to him of its annual Tom Paine award: You honor me in a way I deeply appreciate. Tom Paine symbolizes for Americans the articulation of a radical […]

Press release: Officers and Board are seated on Paine’s Birthday

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thomas Paine National Historical Association Board Meeting Announces New Officers, Expanded Board New Rochelle, NY – February 10, 2016 – The Thomas Paine National Historical Association (TPNHA), has announced an expanded Board of Directors and new officers, both decided upon at its annual Directors meeting held on January 29th, Thomas Paine’s birthday. […]

A London Obituary of Thomas Paine

Written soon after learning of his death, probably in the summer of 1809, author unknown: “The biography of Mr. Thomas Paine is known, he was of low origin but even in his youth of a strong, resolute and constant temper. He had from his infancy adopted the opinions he so successfully promulgated in his manhood. […]

The Discussion of Clark’s Recent Essays

Timeline Berton G. (1/12/15). Burying Thomas Paine. Clark, J. (9/16/15). Monuments to Liberty. The Times Literary Supplement. Berton, G. (9/23/15). Letter to the editor. The Times Literary Supplement. Chiu, F. (9/23/15). Letter to the editor. The Times Literary Supplement. Clark, J. (9/30/15). Letter to the editor. The Times Literary Supplement. Berton, G. (10/7/15). Letter […]

Clark does it again

Plagiarism – Really? Reading Clark’s essay on Paine’s Rights of Man in the 9/16/15 issue of the Times Literary Supplement reminds me of a small dog nipping at the heels of a passing steed. History is passing Clark by, and he does not accept the fall of monarchism, and the demon Paine who precipitated the […]

“Great Books Written In Prison” book signing to celebrate Thomas Paine Day

The Thomas Paine National Historic Association is delighted to be hosting a book signing for the new book, Great Books Written in Prison: Essays on Classic Works from Plato to Martin Luther King, Jr., a collection of essays edited by J. Ward Regan, on influential works written by authors in prison or exile. Contributing authors: […]

Thomas Paine Readers Club

We will be forming the Thomas Paine Readers Club in June 2015. If you live in the New York City tri-state area, we will be holding monthly book discussion meetings based on Paine’s works and related articles and books. Discussions on politics, philosophy, literature and history. Contact us for information at