Thomas Paine Readers Club

We will be forming the Thomas Paine Readers Club in June 2015. If you live in the New York City tri-state area, we will be holding monthly book discussion meetings based on Paine’s works and related articles and books. Discussions on politics, philosophy, literature and history. Contact us for information at

Newly Attributed and De-Attributed Works of Thomas Paine

In our continuing effort to make Thomas Paine’s life, works, and influence available to all, we have added a new feature to the website: newly attributed works and de-attributed works of Thomas Paine. TPNHA has taken the lead in the development of methods, and the research involved, in analyzing the works of Paine. In the […]

Revolution francaise: A great website on the French Revolution by French scholars


Burying Thomas Paine

A critique of J.C.D. Clark’s article, “Thomas Paine: The English Dimension” (an essay in the Selected Writings of Thomas Paine, Shapiro and Calvert, eds., Yale U. Press, 2014) By Gary Berton Secretary, Thomas Paine National Historical Association Coordinator, Institute for Thomas Paine Studies (Iona College) The great historian E. H. Carr said, “By and large, […]