To the Honorable Benjamin Franklin, Esqr. May 16, 1778

To the Honorable Benjamin Franklin, Esqr. May16, 1778



In the Packet No. 1 I have sent you a long letter acknowledging your favor of Oct. 7. Mr. Temple Franklin's of March 1st which on account of the great quantity of public business I have not time to copy. Lest that should not come to hand, I write you this short information. Mr. [and] Mrs. Beache are at Mainheim near Lancaster; they were well a few days ago. I have not yet received the Pamphlets Mr. W. T. Franklin mentions. I think we are now so safely landed that it requires more invention to go wrong than it ever does to go right.

I live in hopes of the pleasure of seeing you and taking your advice respecting the History of the Revolution as soon as matters make it practicable to come to Europe.

I am dear Sir, Your obliged and affectionate humble Servant,


P. S. Please to present my thanks and compliments to Mr. W. T. Franklin. I have taken care to fulfill his command respecting the letters and Memorials he intrusted to my care, and that as soon as I can obtain sufficient information I will transmit it to him.

I saw M. du Plessis lately he was well.