To Charles W. Peale July 29th, 1803

To Charles W. Peale July 29th, 1803



I received your favor per packet. I enclose you the invoice. The two long cases 2 and 3 contain the models of the Bridge. These I wish you to open. The one is a model in paste-board, the other, in cast metal. They are made fast in the cases by screws in the sides near to the bottom. The screws must be drawn before the models can be lifted out. The other cases contain tools and instruments which need not be opened. Please to preserve the screws and the cases, as they will be wanted when the model be removed. The model to be viewed in a proper position should be placed as high as the eye. With respect to the Schuylkill Bridge, it should have been constructed in a single arch. It would then have been an honor to the state.

Yours in friendship


Please to pay the [illegible] the expenses and send me an account of it.