To Col. John Fellows July 9, 1804

To Col. John Fellows July 9, 1804



As the weather is now getting hot at New York, and the people begin to get out of town, you may as well come up here and help me settle my accounts with the man who lives on the place. You will be able to do this better than I shall, and in the meantime I can go on with my literary works, without having my mind taken off by affairs of a different kind. I have received a packet from Governor [George] Clinton enclosing what I wrote for. If you come up by the stage you will stop at the postoffice, and they will direct you the way to the farm. It is only a pleasant walk. I send a piece for the Prospect; if the plan mentioned in it is pursued, it will open a way to enlarge and give establishment to the deistical church; but of this and some other things we will talk when you come up, and the sooner the better.

Yours in friendship,