To John Fellows April 22, 1805

To John Fellows April 22, 1805



I send this by the N[ew] Rochelle boat and have desired the boatman to call on you with it. He is to bring up Bebia and Thomas and I will be obliged to you to see them safe on board. The boat will leave N[ew] Y[ork] on Friday.

I have left my pen knife at Carver's. It is, I believe, in the writing desk. It is a small French pen knife that slides into the handle. I wish Carver would look behind the chest in the bed room. I miss some papers that I suppose are fallen down there. The boys will bring up with them one pair of the blankets Mrs. Bonneville took down and also my best blanket which is at Carver's. I send enclosed three dollars for a ream of writing paper and one dollar for some letter paper, and porterage to the boat. I wish you to give the boys some good advice when you go with them, and tell them that the better they behave the better it will be for them. I am now their only dependence, and they ought to know it.

Yours in friendship,


All my Numbers of the Prospect, while I was at Carver's, are left there. The boys can bring them. I have received no No. since I came to New Rochelle.