To Major-General Greene January 31, 1779

To Major-General Greene January 31, 1779


You doubtless think it strange I have not as usual, called to see you. I have been out no where, and was resolved not to go out, till I had set every thing to rights. I know how it must end because I have it in my hands. The roguiry will soon come out, and as I was determined to answer no questions upon the subject. I thought it best to put it out of every body's power to ask me any, but finding you go tomorrow I must break this my resolve by calling upon you to-day. I have acquainted his Excellency with the same reasons.

Notwithstanding my absence, set me down as one your most attached friends, and in return remember your obedient humble servant


P. S. If you should be off when I call I wish you would leave word when you will be at home.