To Major-General Nathanael Greene January 10, 1781

To Major-General Nathanael Greene January 10, 1781



I have put off the writing of this letter to the last minute lest I should be disappointed by any unexpected circumstance in the journey and voyage I am undertaking. I received your very friendly and affectionate letter from Annapolis for which I thank you. I followed the advice of it and that with the more readiness as it was the advice, too, of several of my best and warmest friends. Since which Congress have appointed Col. Laurens, Envoy Extraordinary to France, and I shall accompany him there as Secretary. I am desirous of giving you this information because no endeavors of mine, so far as they extend, will be wanting to show the necessity of a re-enforcement of cash to the Continent, and troops to the Southward.

I leave America with the perfect satisfaction of having been to her an honest, faithful and affectionate friend, and I go away with the hope of returning to spend better or more agreeable days with her than those which are past.

God bless and prosper you.

Yours Sincerely,