To Thomas Jefferson October, 16 1800

To Thomas Jefferson October 1800

24 Vendemaire year 9



As the wind at one time and the tides at another prevented the commissioners sailing at the time they intended it gives me the opportunity of sending you an addition to the other pieces. We have nothing new since the date of my last. I send you a paragraph from a paper of yesterday, 15th October-23 Vendemaire.

The arrangement between Denmark is but temporary. The first article is: the question respecting the right of visiting neutral ships going without convoy is sent to an ulterior discussion.

"3 art-In order to prevent similar meetings from again causing disputes of the same nature, S. M. Danoisa will stop his convoys until later explanations of the same subject will have been able to effect a definite understanding." (The original is in french)

Copenhagen, Aug, 1800.

"The politics of the Northern Powers is developing further. The article published by the Petersburg newspaper of Sept. 15th, six days after the arrival of the Danish Courier (bearer of the news that the differences between England and Denmark had been ironed out) today confirms positively what was speculated two weeks ago, that is, that the execution of the plan directed against England's ambition has only been postponed by the three Northern Powers. If Paul ist's anger had been soothed by the convention of August 29th he would certainly not have made public on September 15th, that certain political circumstances lead S. M. to believe that a break with ^England may take place.

"A remarkable circumstance, one which seems to prove that our court will not take an active part in this quarrel, is the kind of reserve with which the court newspaper has omitted this menacing passage, when transcribing the Petersburg paper." (The original is in french)

This is by way of Berlin, and is the latest news we have from Russia.

The translation of all the pieces I have sent you are in the press and I expect will be printed by tomorrow.

Salut et respect,