To Thomas Jefferson October 4, 1800

To Thomas Jefferson October 4, 1800



I understand there is an Article in the Treaty (1) to the following purport, that the duties payable upon Articles brought from America into France shall not go to the revenue, but shall be appropriated as a fund to pay such of the condemned cargoes as shall be proved to American property. If you should be in the chair, but not otherwise, I offer myself as one upon this business, if there should be any occasion to appoint any. It will serve to defray my expenses until I can return, but I wish it may be with the condition of returning. I am not tired of working for nothing but I cannot afford it. This appointment will aid me in promoting the object I am now upon that of a law of nations for the protection of neutral commerce.

Salut et respect


  1. Paine is referring to the treaty between the United States Commissioners and the French Commissioners signed on October 1, 1800.-Editor.