To Thomas Jefferson September 15, 1788

To Thomas Jefferson September 15, 1788



I have not heard of Mr. [Lewis] Littlepage since I left Paris, if you have, I shall be glad to know it. As he dined sometimes at Mr. Neckar's, he undertook to describe the Bridge to him. Mr. Neckar very readily conceived it. If you have an opportunity of seeing Mr. Neckar, and see it convenient to renew the subject, you might mention that I am going forward with an experiment arch. Mr. Le Couteulx desired me to examine the construction of the Albion Steam Mills erected by Bolton and Watt. I have not yet written to him because I had nothing to write about. I have talked with Mr. Rumsey, who is here, upon this matter, and who appears to me to be master of that subject, and who has procured a model of the Mill, which is worked originally from the steam [illegible].

When you see Mr. Le Roy please to present my compliments. I hope to

realize the opinion of the Academy on the Model, in which case I shall give the Academy the proper information. We have no certain accounts here of the arrangement of the new Ministry. The papers mention Count St. Priest for Foreign Affairs. When you see him please to present my compliments [illegible]. Please to present my compliments to M. and Madame de Corney.