To Thomas Jefferson September 28, 1790

To Thomas Jefferson September 28, 1790



I enclose you a few observations on the establishment of a Mint. I have not seen your report on that subject 2 1 0 and therefore cannot see how nearly our opinions run together, but as it is by thinking upon and talking subjects over that we approach towards truth there may probably be something in the enclosed that may be of use.

As the establishment of a Mint combines a portion of Politics with a knowledge of the Arts and a variety of other matters it is a subject I shall very much like to talk with you upon.

I intend at all events to be in America in the Spring and it will please me much to arrive before you have gone [far in] this arrangement.

I am dear Sir, with much esteem, Your obedient and humble servant,


As I do not know by what means this will arrive or when it will go, I put nothing in it but the subject I write upon.