Collected Works Project

The Institute for Thomas Paine Studies is a collaboration between TPNHA and Iona College. It is an academic center for the advancement of research in Paine Studies, multidisciplinary courses on Paine and his legacy in philosophy, politics, literature and history.

The Institute has developed methods of author attribution using software and statistical analysis. The Project seeks to properly attribute works of Paine, and de-attribute falsely attributed works. The results as we post them can be followed under “Writings” on this site, where there are “Newly discovered” and “Deattributed” categories. For further information please contact us.

For further information, please refer to the following references:

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American Freethought has a four-hour documentary film series on the history of secularism and censorship in America.

The 2nd International Paine Studies Conference was co-hosted by the Thomas Paine National Historical Association and the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies in Paris, France on September 26, 2014. Eleven Paine scholars presented papers on Paine in the French Revolution.

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