Epitaph by Clio Riickman


                                On Thomas Paine,

                                by Clio Rickman.

                     To future times this monumental stone

                  Need not be spared to make thy value known.

                   For future times will in each bosom raise

                   An Altar sacred to that worth and praise;

                 And sound with general voice, when envy dies,

                Thee and thy works with plaudits, to the skies.

                 This Tomb is simply raised by friends sincere

                To point the spot and tell that Paine lies here:

                   Their high respect and gratitude to prove

                     Who dared insulted excellence to love:

                   Who leave to future times and better days

                Thy worth I appreciate and proclaim thy praise;

                    For future ages must with loud acclaim -

                 When man will live to Reason, Truth and Fame,

                 When Freedom, Virtue, Love shall reign below,

                 Hail him! to whom their happy stake they owe.