From the Castle in the Air


IN the region of clouds, where the whirlwinds arise,

My castle of fancy was built;

The turrets reflected the blue from the skies,

And the windows with sunbeams were gilt.

The rainbow sometimes, in its beautiful state,

Enamel’d the mansion around;

And the figures that fancy in clouds can create,

Supplied me with gardens and ground.

I had grottoes, and fountains, and orange tree groves,

I had all that enchantment has told;

I had sweet shady walks, for the Gods and their Loves,

I had mountains of coral and gold.

But a storm that I felt not, had risen and roll’d,

While wrapp’d in a slumber I lay;

And when I look’d out in the morning, behold

My Castle was carried away.

It pass’d over rivers, and valleys, and groves,

The world it was all in my view;

I thought of my friends, of their fates, of their loves,

And often, full often of YOU.

At length it came over a beautiful scene,

That nature in silence had made;

The place was but small, but ’twas sweetly serene

And checkered with sunshine and shade.

I gazed and I envied with painful goodwill,

And grew tired of my seat in the air;

When all of a sudden my Castle stood still,

As if some attraction was there.

Like a lark from the sky it came fluttering down,

And placed me exactly in view,

When whom should I meet in this charming retreat,

This corner of calmness, but YOU.

Delighted to find you in honor and ease,

I felt no more sorrow, nor pain;

But the wind coming fair, I ascended the breeze,

And went back with my Castle again.