To Citizen President Spring 1797

To Citizen President Spring 1797

No. 4 Rue du theatre francais, 24 Germinal 6 year


In a letter to the Director Revelliere le Peaux a few days past, I mentioned that I had reasons for believing that the orders of the Directory were made a trade of. I am now assured of the fact. The Citizen Connolly born in Ireland, but who has lived more than 32 years in America, and served as Captain and Major in the American Revolution, is one of the persons from whom money has been extorted. He went from Paris to Havre, on his commercial affairs, was put in arrestation, taken to prison, and liberated for 4800 livres (200 louis d’ors). They asked 15, or 16,000 livres. The duty I owe to justice and to friendship makes it incumbent on me to state this case to the Directory. Connolly lives at the Coffee Boston Rue Vivienne, and I am told that the Secretary of the Judge du Paix is now in Paris. I do not send the written account which Connelly has given to me, because the Directory can order that his deposition be taken.

Salut et respect