To Citizen Skipwith March 1, 1804

From the original letter at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Dear friend

I have just a moment to write you a line by a friend who is on the point of sailing for Bordeaux. The republican interest in now completely triumphant. The change within this last year has been great. We have now 14 states out of 17 - N Hampshire, Mass, and Connecticut stand out. I much question if any person will be started against Mr. Jefferson. Burr is rejected for the vice presidency; he is now putting up for Governor of N York. Mr. Clinton will be run for vice-president. Morgan Lewis, chief Justice of the state of N. Y. is the republican candidate for Governor of that state.

I have not received a line from Paris, except a letter from Este, since I left it. We have now been nearly 80 days without news from Europe. What is Barlow about? I have not heard any thing from him except that he is always coming. What is Bonneville about? Not a line has been received from him.

Yours in friendship

Thomas Paine

New York March 1st 1804

respectful compliments to Mr. Livingston and family