To Daniel Isaacs Eaton December 4, 1795

To Daniel Isaacs Eaton December 4, 1795



I have seen advertised in the London papers the second Edition of the Age of Reason printed, the advertisement says, from the Author s Manuscript, and entered at Stationers Hall. I have never sent any manuscript to any person. It is therefore a forgery to say it is printed from the author’s manuscript; and I suppose is done to give the Publisher a pretence of Copy Right, which he has no title to.

I send you a printed copy, which is the only edition I have sent to London. I wish you to make a cheap edition of it. I know not by what means any copy has got over to London. If any person has made a manuscript copy I have no doubt but it is full of errors. I wish you would talk to Mr.___ upon this subject as I wish to know by what means this trick has been played, and from whom the publisher has got possession of any copy.