To The Royal Academy of Sciences July 21, 1787

To The Royal Academy of Sciences July 21, 1787



I have the honor to present to you the model for the construction of an American bridge. This bridge made of iron bars forming a single arch, is to be built over the Schuylkill River in Pennsylvania, where piles cannot be used.

The high opinion which the government of Pennsylvania, at whose head is my highly respected friend, Doctor Franklin, holds of the Royal Academy of Sciences has made him desire to have your opinion on the construction of this bridge before attempting to put it into execution, and the friendship which exists today between the two nations as well as your skill in rendering judgments which enlighten the whole scientific world, has led him to hope, gentlemen, that you would gratify his wishes and favor him with the judgment which he has the honor to ask of you. I enclose herewith the report of the Committee appointed by the Government of Pennsylvania, a literal transcript from its records.