To the Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives February 28, 1808

From the records of the Annals of Congress, 10th Congress, 2nd Session.

New York, Partition Street, No. 63, February 28, 1808


I addressed a memorial to Congress dated January 21, which was presented by George Clinton, Junior, and referred to the Committee of Claims. As soon as I knew to what committee it was referred, I wrote to that committee, and informed them of the particulars respecting a vote of the old Congress of $3,000 to me, as I mentioned I would do in my memorial; since which I have heard nothing of the memorial or of any proceedings upon it.

It will be convenient to me to know what Congress will decide on, because it will determine me whether, after so many years of generous services, and that in the most perilous times, and after seventy years of age, I shall continue in this country, or offer my services to some other country. It will not be to England, unless there should be a revolution.

My request to you is, that you will call on the Committee of Claims to bring in their report, and that Congress would decide upon it. I shall then know what to do.

Yours, in friendship,


The Honorable the SPEAKER of the House of Representatives.