A Fifth Forester Letter


from the Pennsylvania Evening Post, April 30, 1776

WHEREAS Cato, in his eighth letter, and some of his partizans since, have made free with the Forester as having neither “character nor connexion.” To which I answer, first, “better to have none than bad ones.” Secondly, that the person supposed by some, and known by others, to be the author of Common Sense, and the Forester’s letters, came a cabin passenger in Jeremiah Warder’s ship, the London Packet, last Christmas twelvemonth, bringing with him two unsealed letters of introduction from Dr. Franklin to his friends here, in which he says, “I recommend the bearer hereof, Mr. —, as a worthy ingenious, &c.

I have published this at the request, and for the sake of those gentlemen whose acquaintance I am honored with — and in my turn call on Cato and his confederates to set forth, as I have done, what rank and recommendation they or their originals made their first appearance in —